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Ultimate Bullfighters

A Wild Game of Tag Between Man and Beast

Featuring fighting stock from B-K Ranch of Slaughter, Louisiana

Don't miss Ultimate Bullfighters at the 2024 SLE Rodeo following the bull riding event during the Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday matinee performances!

Freestyle Bullfighting involves highly skilled, talented human and bovine athletes partaking in a dangerous battle where control, strength, aggression and courage is displayed. The bullfight itself is a 60 second competition with a whistle at the mandatory 40 second mark after which the bullfight can be "sold." Bullfighters are judged on and will gain points by how well they maneuver around the bull, working in close with the bull, staying in control, working in both directions and "selling" the fight. Bullfighters must maintain control of the barrel if the bull engages it.

A bullfighter will lose points by getting run over, run up the fence or not controlling the barrel if engaged. Bullfighters can gain extra points with jumps, barrel hops or walking down the bulls back using the barrel.

Judging 101
Each bullfight is scored 1 to 25 points by each judge on how strong the bullfighter fights and 1 to 25 points on how strong the bull performs. The two judges' points total a possible 100.

Why is it freestyle? What is the difference of bullfighters and Freestyle Bullfighting?
Bullfighters, also known as cowboy protection, have the primary job of keeping a bull rider safe. They are present in the arena when a bull rider gets onto a bull and enters the arena for his ride. In the instance the rider is hung up on a bull, they help the rider break free and keep the bull from injuring the rider. The fundamentals of Freestyle and cowboy protection are basically the same. The object is to get the bull to focus on the bullfighter either to protect others or to freestyle, akin to dancing.

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