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SLE Junior Livestock Expo Winners

2024 Junior Beef Expo Winners

Senior Grand Champion: Rileigh Mears (Blount)
Senior Reserve Champion: Curt Williams (Marshall)
Senior 3rd Overall: Amelia Thrower (Marshall)
Senior 4th Overall: Annabelle Wesley (Pike)
Senior 5th Overall: Rex Harrison (Cullman)
Intermediate Grand Champion: Lillian Smith (Chilton)
Intermediate Reserve Champion: Greer Jones (Pike)
Intermediate 3rd Overall: Laura Landers Franklin (Marshall)
Intermediate 4th Overall: Silas Gullatt (Lee)
Intermediate 5th Overall: Allie Hembree (Culln)
Junior Grand Champion: Collins Cofield (Randolph)
Junior Reserve Champion: Harper Starnes (DeKalb)
Junior 3rd Overall: Vivian Lou Thompson (Pike)
Junior 4th Overall: Brooklyn Price (Lee)
Junior 5th Overall: Claire Smith (Chilton)

Market Show
Grand Champion Steer: Dow Boyd (Coffee)
Reserve Champion Steer: Greer Jones (Pike)
3rd Overall Steer: Avery Ruf (Limestone)
4th Overall Steer: Dow Boyd (Coffee)
5th Overall Steer: Mason Smith (Marshall)
Champion Heifer: Levi Wesley (Pike)
Reserve Champion Heifer: Tyson Burton (St. Clair)
Champion Ultrasound Steer: Mason Smith (Marshall)

Breeding Bull Show

Grand Champion: Brooklyn Price (Lee)
Reserve Champion: Makayla Walker (Madison)
3rd Overall: Rileigh Mears (Blount)
4th Overall: Rex Harrison (Cullman)
5th Overall: Luke Meadows (Houston)
Bred and Owned Grand Champion: Brooklyn Price (Lee) Hereford
Bred and Owned Reserve Champion: Makayla Walker (Madison) AOB British

Breeding Heifer Show
Grand Champion Heifer: Amelia Thrower (Marshall) Angus
Reserve Champion Heifer: Curt Williams (Marshall) AOB Continental
3rd Overall Heifer: Rileigh Mears (Blount) Simmental
4th Overall Heifer: Silas Gullatt (Lee) Hereford
5th Overall Heifer: Callie Rae Childers (Morgan) Commercial
Bred and Owned Grand Champion: Dow Boyd (Coffee) % Simmental
Bred and Owned Reserve Champion: Brooklyn Price (Lee) Hereford
Bred and Owned 3rd Overall: Asa Thompson (Pike) AOB British
Bred and Owned 4th Overall: Callie Rae Childers (Morgan) AOB Continental
Bred and Owned 5th Overall: Vivian Lou Thompson (Pike) Shorthorn Plus

2024 Junior Swine Expo Winners

Beginner Grand Champion: Ruby Hodnett (Tallapoosa)
Beginner Reserve Champion: Roop Lovvorn (Randolph)
Beginner 3rd Overall: Cohen Hill (Etowah)
Beginner 4th Overall: Stetson Siegler (Talladega)
Beginner 5th Overall: Ella Hopper (Randolph)
Junior Grand Champion: Hunter Smith (Calhoun)
Junior Reserve Champion: Charlee Stone (Jefferson)
Junior 3rd Overall: Ansley Payne (Randolph)
Junior 4th Overall: Brooklyn Cobb (Calhoun)
Junior 5th Overall: Abigail Cone (Calhoun)
Intermediate Grand Champion: Addison Payne (Randolph)
Intermediate Reserve Champion: Emma Ramsey (Calhoun)
Intermediate 3rd Overall: Addisyn Hammonds (Calhoun)
Intermediate 4th Overall: Rose Hodnett (Tallapoosa)
Intermediate 5th Overall: Luke Smallwood (Calhoun)
Senior Grand Champion: Tucker Ross (Jefferson)
Senior Reserve Champion: Madelyn Cone (Calhoun)
Senior 3rd Overall: Cristen Haynes (Talladega)
Senior 4th Overall: Sara Kate Stitcher (Randolph)
Senior 5th Overall: Alyx Johnson (Randolph)

Market Show

Supreme Champion: Emma Ramsey (Calhoun)
Supreme Reserve Champion: Tucker Ross (Jefferson)
Supreme 3rd Overall: Colton Simpson (DeKalb)
Supreme 4th Overall: Cristen Haynes (Talladega)
Supreme 5th Overall: Elizabeth Belcher (Lee)

Breeding Show

Supreme Champion: Charlee Stone (Jefferson)
Supreme Reserve Champion: Emma Ramsey (Calhoun)
Supreme 3rd Overall: Cristen Haynes (Talladega)
Supreme 4th Overall: Alyx Johnson (Randolph)
Supreme 5th Overall: Colton Simpson (DeKalb))

2024 Junior Dairy Expo Winners

Junior Grand Champion: Gabriel Bristow (St. Clair)
Junior Reserve Champion: Kendall Castleberry (St. Clair)
Junior 3rd Overall: Titus Wrenn (St. Clair)
Junior 4th Overall: Mason Patterson (St. Clair)
Senior Grand Champion: Lauren Clardy (Elmore)
Senior Reserve Champion: Travis Smith (St. Clair)
Senior 3rd Overall: Harper Gurley (St. Clair)

Youth Dairy Show
Junior Grand Champion: Mason Patterson (St. Clair) Holstein
Junior Reserve Champion: Mason Patterson (St. Clair) Jersey
Junior 3rd Overall: Gracelyn Bristow (St. Clair) Holstein
Junior 4th Overall: Lauren Clardy (Elmore) Jersey
Junior 5th Overall: Gracelyn Bristow (St. Clair) Holstein
Senior Grand Champion: Mason Patterson (St. Clair) Holstein
Senior Reserve Champion: Mason Patterson (St. Clair) Jersey
Senior 3rd Overall: Mason Patterson (St. Clair) Holstein
Senior 4th Overall: Gabriel Bristow (St. Clair) Holstein
Senior 5th Overall: Gracelyn Bristow (St. Clair) Jersey
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